Some slow-cook recipes benefit from an occasional stir to stop the ingredients sticking to the side of the bowl. However, lifting the lid from your slow cooker is never advisable. Our AutoStir Crock-Pots offer the perfect solution. Simply prepare your ingredients and place them in the cooker, then choose which paddle to use and the Crock-Pot will take care of the rest.<br><br>The paddle will gently stir your ingredients as they cook. There’s no need to lift the lid, so your food retains all of its vitamins, minerals, and juices for healthy, mouth-wateringly tender results every time.<br><br>But why shouldn’t you manually stir your dishes whilst they cook? Firstly, slow cooking works by retaining the moisture in your food so that your meal is succulent and juicy. Lifting the lid allows the moisture to escape, and with it, some of the nutrients from the ingredients. Secondly, lifting the lid releases heat, which can add around 10 to 20 minutes on to your cooking time each time.<br><br>Designed to deliver optimum results, each AutoStir pot comes complete with a choice of two detachable paddles: one for recipes with a thinner consistency such as soups and sauces, and one for recipes with a thicker consistency such as stews. The paddles are removable, so you can also use the pot to cook dishes that don’t require stirring, such as lasagne.<br><br>AutoStir Crock-Pots have all the features you’d expect from one of our slow cookers. The digital timer makes planning your meals easy and the 'keep warm' feature maintains your cooked meal at the perfect temperature for serving. The stoneware bowl is oven- and dishwasher-safe, and the paddles and lid can also be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.
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