Product FAQs


Frozen Meats:

You can cook frozen meat in a Crock-Pot® slow cooker but suggested cook time may need to be increased. To ensure meat is cooked through, use a meat thermometer. Meat should be well above 75°C to be tender.

Specialty Dishes:

Specialty dishes, such as stuffed chops or steak rolls, stuffed cabbage leaves, stuffed peppers, or baked apples can be arranged in a single layer so they cook easily and serve attractively.


Appropriate meat weights for specific size slow cookers (Example: 5.7 litres = 2.7 kilos meat). Cut meat to cook at same rate as vegetables. For frozen meats, add liquid, use pre-cubed meat, add additional time to ensure meat is defrosted, fully cooked and tender.

Excess liquid:

Excess liquid can be reduced and concentrated for great flavor. You can reduce excess liquid by (1) slow cooking on the stovetop (2) removing meat and vegetables from stoneware (3) stirring in cornstarch, tapioca or tapioca powder and setting the slow cooker to HIGH approximately 15 minutes until juices are thickened.

Browning Meat:

Some people prefer the convenience of not pre-browning meat before adding to the slow cooker. Brown/Sear meats in a skillet, prior to adding to slow cooker. This will create greater depth of flavor to any dish as well as melt out fat that can be poured off before slow cooking. Pre-browning meat does create another layer of prep work.


Trim fats and wipe meats well to remove residue. (If meats contain fats, brown in a separate skillet or broiler and drain well before adding to cooker). Season with salt and pepper. Place meat in stoneware on top of vegetables.


Can be cooked without water when set on LOW. We recommend a small amount, however, because the gravies are especially tasty. The more fat or “marbling” the meat has, the less liquid you need. Liquid is needed to properly soften and cook vegetables.