Product FAQs

Pasta, Rice & Beans

Breads & Cakes:

For ideal results use a 3.5 litres slow cooker and fill stoneware with your recipe's ingredients ½ to ¾ full. Do not over-beat breads and cakes. Follow all recommended mixing times. Do not add water to the slow cooker unless it specifically says to in the recipe. After breads and cakes have finished cooking, allow them to cook for 5 minutes before from the cake pan.


Fully cooked, rinsed canned beans may be used as a substitute for dried beans but should be added at the end of the cooking cycle to maintain integrity of the bean. Note: Beans must be softened completely before combining with sugar and/or acidic foods. Sugar and acid have a hardening effect on beans and will prevent softening.


Pitted olives should be added at end of the cooking cycle.

Dried Beans:

Should be boiled before adding to a recipe, especially red kidney beans. Cover the beans with 3 times their volume of unsalted water and bring to a boil. Boil 10 minutes, reduce heat, cover and allow to simmer 1 1/2 hours or until beans are tender. Soaking in water, if desired, should be completed before boiling. Discard water after soaking or boiling.


Use risotto or long-grain for best results. If rice doesn’t cook completely after suggested time, try adding an extra 1 to 1 2/3 cup of liquid per cup of rice.


Should be fully cooked and added during the last 30 minutes of cook time. If you are converting a recipe that calls for uncooked pasta, cook pasta on the stovetop before adding to slow cooker.