Crock-Pot is the original designer and manufacturer of the slow cooker – offering three types of slow cooker, each boasting their own unique features and benefits. Discover your skills and talents in the kitchen with our exceptional products at your side, and produce restaurant-quality meals for your friends and family with ease. Enhance the taste and texture of simple, low-cost ingredients with slow cooking, letting the flavours marry together over a matter of hours, without the need for stirring. <br><br>Our classic slow cookers make delicious, wholesome home-cooking so easy, and they are perfect for busy people on the go. Prepare your ingredients, add them to your Crock-Pot, and head out to work or get on with your day whilst your slow cooker takes care of the rest.<br><br>Our digital slow cookers are perfect for managing meals in the busiest of households. Once the ingredients are in the pot and the timer is set, you can get on with your day. Our digital range allows you to plan ahead using a timer that will count down as your food is cooked. Once your meal is ready, the cooker automatically switches to its ‘keep warm’ mode to maintain your meal at the perfect serving temperature. <br><br>Our Sauté range expands the possibilities of what you can do with your slow cooker even further. The thermal, shock-resistant pot allows you to sauté food in the same pot it will be cooked in, reheat it, or store leftovers in the fridge or freezer – without the need to transfer from pan to pot to storage container. Brown meat, sauté vegetables, or soften onions prior to cooking, manage meals effortlessly, and minimise the washing up with this convenient one-pot solution.
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