Crock-Pot's classic slow cookers provide the perfect way to serve affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals to your family and friends, with minimum hassle and effortless preparation. Our classic range of slow cookers are available in a variety of sizes to meet the unique culinary needs of your family – from our smallest 2.4 litre pot that caters for up to two people, through to our generous 5.7L pot that will serve up to six hungry people. <br><br>Our larger pots are also perfect for preparing larger portions that can be frozen and reheated at a later date.<br><br>Today’s hectic lifestyles mean we have little time to spare, and sometimes our nutrition can take a backseat to convenience. Preparing food with one of our classic Crock-Pots is so quick and easy that you won’t have to compromise – simply choose from thousands of tempting recipes, put in your ingredients, and leave your slow cooker to do the rest. Sit back and enjoy the heavenly aromas that fill your kitchen, warming and delighting the senses. <br><br>The slow cooking process transforms your ingredients like no other method of cooking. Low-cost cuts of meat are gradually tenderised, leaving them soft and juicy. Flavours are given the time to develop and combine into sensational combinations that simply can’t be achieved on the hob. Most importantly, the gentle heat and the ‘one-pot’ method means that more vitamins and minerals are locked in, giving you and your family the greatest nutritional benefit.<br><br>Our classic slow cookers help you to prepare flavoursome meals for your friends and family in no time at all, with the least possible fuss. So prepare to discover your inner talents as you wow your family and friends with flavoursome, wholesome dishes that require minimal preparation time!
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    Crock-Pot 3.5L Slow Cooker