Our innovative sauté slow cookers offer all the features and benefits of our classic slow cookers, but with additional sauté functionality. Both pots within this range can be placed directly on an electric or gas hob, allowing you to seal or sauté meat, and soften or sauté vegetables before cooking them in your Crock-Pot. <br><br>This will enable you to unleash the full flavor of key ingredients, ensuring your dishes are always flavoursome and tasty. And, you won’t need to use separate pots or pans, which is more convenient and saves on cleaning up time.<br><br>You might wonder why you would need to sauté ingredients before cooking them, given that cooking meat and vegetables over a number of hours in a slow cooker will soften and tenderise them. The reason is that while certain vegetables, such as celery and carrots, work fine when added to simmering soups and casseroles, others such as onions and garlic will benefit from a brief period of cooking in fat on a high heat – before being added to the other ingredients. <br><br>When subjected to high heat, some vegetables release their best flavours, which they don’t necessarily do when they are gently slow cooked. By sautéing first, your food will be smoother and tastier, with more integrated flavours and a balanced aroma. With our Sauté slow cookers, the process is simplified with less fuss, less mess, and less to do. <br><br>Of course, with our sauté cookers, you’ll also benefit from all the usual features that our slow cooker range is known for. Every meal is mouth-wateringly delicious, locking in the vitamins, minerals, flavours, and juices of your ingredients to give your family the very best nutrition and an amazing taste sensation. Our sauté cooker bowls are also oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher safe, so there’s less to clean up!
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