Our specialty range of cookers have been designed with enhanced features to make managing your family’s meals even easier. Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle who want to cook wholesome, delicious food with the least possible preparation time, this high performance range of specialty cookers includes rice cookers, multi cookers, AutoStir slow cookers, and food warmers. <br><br>So, however busy you are, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to feed your family tasty, nutritious dishes every night of the week, with minimum effort and hassle. Discover a world of endless possibilities with our specialty range and bring out your creative side in the kitchen.<br><br>Our rice cookers give you the perfect rice every time and can also be used to steam veg and prepare a variety of recipes – from paella and pasta to risotto and even oat-based desserts. Some of our rice cookers also allow you to sauté your meat or vegetables before adding them to your rice-based dish, sealing in the juices and enhancing the flavour of your food.<br><br>Our multi cooker not only slow cooks, but also sautés, steams, roasts, and bakes, whilst our AutoStir slow cookers will automatically stir your ingredients, keeping them from sticking to the side of the bowl without needing to lift the lid! <br><br>Alternatively, our food warmer enables you to take tasty leftovers to work the next day, conveniently warming your food to the perfect temperature without any smell or mess. Enjoy a healthy lunch at your desk, with all the rich, heavenly flavours preserved through the gentle reheating process.<br><br>Every model in our specialty range has been designed to look stunning whatever your décor, and to deliver reliable, high quality performance that will last for years.
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    Crock-Pot 5.6L Digital Slow and Multi Cooker