Cooking the perfect rice is not easy – that is, unless you have a Crock-Pot rice cooker! All the problems you’ve experienced with cooking rice in the past – chewy or hard grains, mushy rice, sticking, or a layer of burned rice at the bottom of the pan – are solved with our range of beautiful rice cookers. <br><br>What’s more, rice cookers can also be used to steam vegetables, brown meat and vegetables, and cook pasta, risotto, and even oat-based deserts.<br><br>There are four different models within this range, each offering different features that help make preparing meals for your family and friends so much easier. <br><br>All of our rice cookers allow you to cook the perfect rice with very little effort. Simply add the correct amount of water and rice grains using the measuring cup provided, and your cooker will take care of the rest. Unlike cooking rice on the hob, you don’t need to watch your rice cooker while it is preparing your food. So you can get on with preparing other dishes safe in the knowledge that your rice will be perfect every time.<br><br>Your rice cooker can also be used for steaming vegetables. When you boil vegetables, much of their nutritional value can be lost. Steaming veg helps preserve the vitamins, giving your family more of the nutrients they need.<br><br>Our Sauté Rice Cooker can also be used to brown off meat or vegetables, utilising the flat heat plate contained inside the cooker, which quickly heats up the bottom of the non-stick pot. Simply add oil and your ingredients, then stir until they are browned to perfection. You can then use the rice cooker to complete your dish. <br><br>Your versatile rice cooker is ideal for preparing a whole host of wholesome, tasty recipes in no time!
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